Cat Cradle

For an old game with a string – “Cat cradle” – we need a meter long, soft and flexible string.

Equipment: Classroom or Outdoor


We need at least two players but the game can also be played as a team game. We tangle the ends of the strings to obtain a closed loop. We abet the string around our thumb and our little finger on both palms so it goes through both palms. With our right middle finger, we reach under the string over our left hand, and with our left middle finger we reach under the string over our left hand. We pull our hands to ourselves and we get the character of a cat’s cradle. The cat cradle is the initial position for the many other characters of this archaic game that is known and played nowadays on different ends of the world.  Through the game, the players can also tell stories and sing songs. If the string knots, they should start from the beginning.

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