Fly, Fly,…

Equipment: We can play this game anywhere, but we must be able to drum fingers on the table or something like that e.g. a tray, a notebook,…. We need at least three players.

Instructions: We choose someone to lead the game. We sit at the table and keep the index fingers of the right and left hand on the table. While the leader repeats: “Leti, leti leti, leti …”, we alternately drum with the index fingers on the table. At the end the leader names an animal, a thing… At the moment when the leader names the thing, players put their fingers up, if the thing or animal can fly or they put their fingers down if the thing or animal can not fly.

Who loses can:

•             be expelled from the game or

•             get a black spot. When players do not want to play the game anymore they just add all the black spots and the winner is the one with the least black spots.

The players look at the leader the whole time. He or she can trick them and show the opposite of what is true e.g. he says a parrot and puts his index fingers down instead of putting them up.

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