Rotten Egg

Equipment: Outdoor or classroom

Instructions: Children sit in a circle, and cross their hands on their backs.

One child is chosen –he/she gets »the egg« (a handkerchief or a piece of paper) and circles around the group, behind the children’s backs pretending to put »the egg« behind children’s backs and says:

» Bucket, bucket holds the water, if you look, you’ll get it behind your back «or» Red plane is flying in the sky, if you look, you’ll get

it behind your back. «

He pretends to put »the egg« behind somebody’s back and continues to walk, like nothing happened. Eventually he drops the “egg” behind someone’s back and continues walking around in the circle.

If the child carrying the “egg” does the whole circle, and comes to the one who has »the egg behind his/her back, this person has to sit inside the circle as the “rotten egg”.

But if the one who has the “egg” behind his/her back figures out that he has it, he picks it up and runs around trying to catch the person who left the “egg” behind the child’s back. If he manages to catch him/her, he is the person dropping the “egg” and saying the rhyme and the other child is the “new rotten egg” and has to sit in the middle of the circle.

Children sitting on the ground can look for the egg with their hands and figure out, if the egg is behind them. It is forbidden to look behind and tell somebody, that he/she has the egg. In both cases the holder of the “egg” says the punishment – »the rotten egg« and the person cheating has to sit in the middle of the circle as “the rotten egg”

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