Balance wrestling



IMG_1329Equipment: Students, work in pairs

Duration: 10-15 minutes
Explanation: This activity is to wrestle against each other on different ways. A teacher can choose the pairs. It can be used as a warm up activity. The goal is to make the opposite part lose balance. Recommended age: 11-16.
Stage 1: The students stand against each other with straight arms out. You are not allowed to move the feet. Just use arm, and core muscles.
Stage 2: The students sit with their feet against each other. The goal is to get the other student out of balance. Both the feet and the arms has to be off the floor. When the first feet or arm hit the floor, you will lose the game.
Stage 3: The students are on the ground with both legs and arms. They are competing against eachother trying to get the opposite part out of balance. You have to use arms in this stage.
Educational points:
Core muscles exercise
Developing the coordination
Students get to know each other better.

B – Balance

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