Good morning – wellbeing

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Equipment: A group of pupils in a classroom with benches/chairs. Relaxing music. If you have 20 students, you need 10 sitting points.

Duration: Approximately 10 minutes.

Explanation: Split the class in two halves. The first half will sit on their chair in a circle. The other half will tak place hehind the chair.

Stage 1: The music is playing and the person standing behind the chair starts tapping carefully on the top of the head to the person sitting in front of them. We say it is like raindrops falling.

Stage 2: The next step is to make big circles on the back. Then we start on the shoulders and and massage the whole arm up and down.

Stage 3: The last thing we do is to say good morning and give the person who is sitting, a big “good morning hug”.

Educational points: To have a gentle and good start of a working day in school.

To relax and calm down. To feel the atmosphere in the classroom

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