About Radenci

I live in Radenci. Radenci is a very nice and calm town. There are about 2100 people in Radenci. It’s a beautiful town and I love it. In Radenci there are a lot of sights for example spring, the fountain of three women in the park and more.
There is also a factory called Radenska that produces mineral water and other soft drinks. It‘s located near Radenci.
We have a big, modern church of saint Ciril and Metod. We visit it every Sunday.
Our community helps the elderly and that’s why we have a brand new nursing home called DOSOR.
The park used to be very beautiful in the past, but devastating storm destroyed it a few years ago. We were all very sad because most of the trees were ruined.
Another sad thing is that the olympic sized pool in the park doesn’t work anymore because there is no money to renovate it.
A lot of tourists come to Radenci because of the thermal spa Radenci. We also go there for a swim sometimes. It’s nice, but we can’t be too loud because there are older people there.
I attend primary school Radenci that has about 200 pupils. I don’t like going to school that much, but the primary school Radenci definitely makes you feel like you’re home. Next to it there’s the secondary school of catering and tourism. I’ve never been there, but my aunt teaches there, so it’s probably great.
Radenci is a small town, but it has a bank, a post office, stores and lots of other buildings you can visit. And the reason why I love my hometown is because it isn’t that noisy, it has a lot of beautiful sights and it’s definitely worth to visit.

Written in 2011 by twelve year old Zarja Rožanc

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