Bat Ball

Bat Ball

Equipment: You need a bat , a tennis ball ,  a soccer field and some cones. Outdoor.

Duration: 20 – 30 minutes.

Explanation: Two groups. One team is in batting and the other team is out trying to catch the ball.

Stage 1: The batting team line up in a safe distance from the batter. You have 3 tries.

If you do not hit the ball, the next one in the line will have a go. You will then line up on a spot and wait for one of your teammates to have a hit.

Stage 2: If you hit the ball, you will try to run as much as possible of the route marked by cones. Each of the cones represent a safe spot on the route where you are allowed to stop.

Stage 3:If the ball is caught and thrown across the line before you reach the end of the route or a safety cone, you are out of the game.

Educational points:  Hand- eye coordination. Working as a team. Run and pay attention to the game all the time. Wait in line.

Bat Ball 2

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